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Our History

A legacy from 1871 to today

Constructed in 1871 by Bavarian immigrant Philip H. Zorn Jr., Barrelhouse at Zorn resides on the historic Zorn campus which was reborn as Zorn Brew Works in 2016. As an annex to the brewery, Barrelhouse at Zorn would manufacture beer barrels to house fresh beer prior to distribution around Northwest Indiana. Though unoccupied now, the original ice-house, brew-house, and malting building still stand across the street, a reminder of the dream Philip Zorn brought with him to America. 

Unfortunately, Philip H. Zorn Jr's success was put on hold due to the passing of Prohibition. P.H. Zorn Brewing Co. hung on bottling soda until Prohibition was repealed, but the damage was done and the building was abandoned in 1938.

For decades the building sat empty. Many tried to revive the space as offices or food retailers to little success. 

That changed in 2019 when Uppercross Development Group acquired 113 York Street and began building a dream.


Barrelhouse at Zorn was restored and renovated to include a large and open event space, a bridal suite that can be converted to a private dining room, beautiful bar and outdoor patio, as well as upscale apartments on the second floor. The modern and industrial space is a clear example of attention to detail. The original brickwork, beams, and floors have been exposed, fantastic period appropriate doors have been installed, and a beautiful arched doorway was uncovered in the process of bringing this historic gem into the modern times. 



Restored and Rehabilitated

From January to June of  2020  Barrelhouse at Zorn underwent a transformation, resurrecting the building while maintaining its historical charm.
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